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Staffordshire Figures
An early 19th century Wood family figure of an old lady, representing old age, wearing a red cape and a black bonnet, carrying a basket and using a walking stick, on a green ground, 17.5cm high. Stock No.  SA0962                       Price  £175 
Staffordshire  Figures
A small selection of our stock of Staffordshire figures.
A Neale type Pearlware figure of Venus holding a bird, 26cm high, base 8.5cm square, very good condition. Stock No. SAO798                                      Price £310
A Staffordshire pearlware figure  emblematic of Charity, c. 1800, as a woman with three children, 18.5 cm high.  This is an effective and sensitive figure  with sharp detail in the production from the mould. Stock No. SAO881                             Price £210                                                 
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