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Miscellaneous Ceramics 1

A Bow Flower Vase

Descriotion A small size Bow vase with flowers Size 14cm high Date c. 1768-75 Stock No SA1199 Price £B

A rare Derby Candlestick

Descriotion A rare Derby candlestick, modelled as a tree stump entwined with a stem of brightly covered flowers beneath a foliate nozzle, 22cm high. Illustrated by J. Twitchett 'Derby Porcelain, an Illustrated Guide' 2002, colour plate 157, p 181 Size 22cm high. Date c. 1758-60 Stock No SA1015 Price £C

A Davenport Bough Pot.

Descriotion A rare examples of Davenport creamware Bough Pots, c 1795, painted in sepia, with ruins, the handles are naturalistic, lacking its pierced cover. Size 24cm wide. Date c. 1795 Stock No SA1183 Price £B