S & J Abbott Ceramics Plus
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Glass 2

A large Lalique model of a sitting Cat

Descriotion A large Lalique glass reclining cat. Size 23cm wide Date 20th century Stock No SAG0917 Price £C

A small Lalique Duck

Descriotion A blue green glass Lalique model of a duck, 6.5cm. Size 6.5cm wide Date second hald of the 20th century Stock No SAG0935 Price £B

A fine George III jelly glass

Descriotion A mid 18th cent jelly glass, Size 8cm high Date mid 18th century Stock No SAG0934 Price £B

A pair of champagne flutes

Descriotion A pair of mid nineteenth century British champagne flutes, Size 17cm high Date twentieth century Stock No SAG0925 Price £B