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Glass 1

A pair of Ship’ Decanters

Descriotion A  pair of early 20th century step cut ship's decanters, two facet cut neck rings, star cut base, mushroom stoppers. Size  22cm high Date  c. 1920 Stock No SAG0916 Price £B

A pair of Georgian Rummers

Descriotion A  fine pair of George III rummers, the moulded bowls etched with bell-flowers and fern interlaced ovals centred by stars on drawn stems and spreading circular bases, Size  12cm high Date  late 18th century Stock No SAG0924 Price £B

A small size twentieth century Lalique Rabbit

Descriotion A small size frosted glass Lalique Rabbit. Size  7cm high Date  second half of the twentieth century Stock No SAG0934 Price £B