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Plates 4

A child’s small plate

Descriotion A child's plate with printed pigeon pie to center and flowers to the border. Size 15cm dia Date c. 1820 Stock No SA1140 Price £A

A Porcelain plaque of a dog

Descriotion An English porcelain circular plaque, early 20th century signed F. Micklewright, painted with a dog leaning against an armchair with a glove on the floor, in a glazed gilt wood frame. Size 11.5cm dia. Date early 20th century Stock No SA1171 Price £B

A Pearlware Child’s plate with Grace after meals

Descriotion A small pearlware children's plate, embossed and decorated border with a Grace after meals printed slightly off center. Size 16.5cm dia Date c. 1820 Stock No SA1074 Price £B