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An etching by John Kay of Adam Smith

Descriotion A small framed etching by John Kay of Edinburgh of Adam Smith, a nmotable resident of the City and author of ‘The Wealth of Nations.’ Size Date c. 1790 Stock No SAP0904 Price £B

A coloured engraving of The English Posture Master

Descriotion A  framed hand coloured print of ‘The English Posture Maker’, Pierce Tempest after Mauron. Size 24.5cm x 19.5cm. Date c. 1800 but edition unknown Stock No SAP0896 Price £B

Members of The Royal Yacht Club at Cowes

Descriotion A framed hand coloured aquatint of the Royal Yacht Club members outside the Club House at East Cowes, engraved by Robert Cruickshank. Size Date c. 1825 Stock No SAP0902 Price £B